About Qooali

Qooali.com or Qooali Market is the first Export Quality Fruits and Vegetables Shopping Site in Indonesia. Qooali is created with a passion to bring Fresh and Healthy Products to the local market so that the High Quality products can be easily enjoyed by Consumers. Qooali has what we call Qooali-ty Control which is the process of sorting all products sold in Qooali so that what is obtained by consumers is the best result only and is equivalent to Export quality (International Standard).


Helping farmers to sell their Fruits and Vegetables products directly to consumers, so consumers get only the best quality fruits and vegetables.

Qooali mission

  • Providing farmers with the widest opportunity to market their Fruit and Vegetable products on Qooali's online sales site with Qooali's standards.
  • Price transparency at Qooali's online sales site to ensure fair and clean competition.
  • Supply of sustainable Fruit and Vegetable products with guaranteed quality.